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CVSU Notice of Policy Action

Central Vermont Supervisory Union
 Notice of Policy Actions

The Central Vermont Supervisory Union Board of Directors will consider  the following policy actions at its next board meeting:

 Wednesday,  September  26, 2018, 6:00 pm
Williamstown Middle High School Library

 1st Reading     Public Participation at Board Meetings (BO.2)

 2nd Reading    Student Drugs & Alcohol (S.2.R)
                      Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, Bullying (S.10.R)
                      Head Lice (S.15)
                      Student Medication (S.16)
                      Responsible Computer, Internet, and Network Use (I.3.R)


View polices at CVSU Policies

Mike Bailey
CVSU Board Chair

Susette L. Bollard
Superintendent of Schools

 September 10, 2018