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    Vote is May 2, 2017


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    The Northfield/Williamstown school district merger study committee has been created by the Northfield and Williamstown school boards in accordance with 16 VSA Chapter 11 § 706. This committee is an independent public body under 1 VSA Chapter 5  § 310, and as such all of our meetings are open to the public.

    The committee's primary legal charge is to develop a proposal to merge the Northfield and Williamstown School Districts ... or not. In the case the committee opts to NOT propose a merger nothing will happen. However if the committee does present a merger proposal then the following will happen: the School Boards will have an opportunity for review and input (but not to make changes), the Vermont Agency of Education will review the proposal and make recomendations, and the Vermont State Board of Education (VSBE) will either allow or disallow the merger proposal.


    On Tuesday March 21, 2017, the VSBE approved the merger proposal. Click here to read the approved proposal.

    The final step, if the proposal is approved by the VSBE, will be a decision by the voters of the two school districts. You have the final say!


    For more information you may contact the committee vice-chair at


    Committee Members

    Rama Schneider - Chair


    Phone: 802-433-5441


    Peter Evans - Vice Chair


    107 Evans Road

    Northfield, VT  05663

    Phone: 802-485-8347


    Monique Hayden - Clerk


    407 Weir Road

    Williamtown, VT  05679



    Patricia Coppolino



    Emily Gray


    36 Dole Hill Road

    Northfield, VT  05663


    Jonathan Hull


    2680 Hebert Rd.

    Williamstown, VT  05679


     Christine Motyka




    Eilis O'Herlihy



    Benjamin Robbins




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