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    Welcome to our Curriculum Site!


    The main goal of the curriculum office is to support administrators and teachers transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Vermont adopted the CCSS as the framework for curriculum development in English Language Arts and Mathematics. 


    The focus of CCSS is to prepare students for life after high school graduation.  The English Language Arts places a strong focus on exposing all students to complex text, content based text, and using multiple sources for evidence.  The Mathematics focuses on problem solving, logical progression of skills, and application of concepts in a variety of contexts.


    Vermont adopted the NGSS in Spring, 2013.  These standards were developed through the work of science experts, teachers, and engineers throughout the country.  The goal of these standards is to prepare students for our changing environment and to ensure sustainability.  Premium is placed on engineering skills in all grades, which a big shift in science.  This adoption has the potential to ensure our students become amazing science leaders, but it also will take time and attention to ensure a smooth implementation.  We have selected science leaders from each school to attend professional development, write NGSS aligned units, and work with all other teachers on the implementation process.


    The Curriculum Council plays a vital role in our implementation of CCSS and NGSS and is comprised of teachers and administrators representing all schools in our supervisory union.  Members meet throughout the school year to make decisions that ensure our implementation is successful.