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Our Mission

  • Northfield Elementary's School Mission for Students


    1. Meet or exceed high academic standards in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, physical fitness,  the arts and technology.


    2. Demonstrate good character through knowledge of positive traits and skills essential to successful academic, professional and personal pursuits.


    3. Acquire knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live and demonstrate the skills essential to meaningful participation in a representative democracy.

Principal's Message



    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Please join us for our Open House. This year we are organizing the hour differently, so that you have a chance ot learn more about what your child will learn this year. Your child will head downstairs to the gymnasium half way through the hour for a special night time school wide meeting. While they are down there you'll be able to discuss this year's academic goals with your child's teacher.

    If your child rides the bus to school, please be at the bus stops 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time as we settle into our bus routines. If you are the parent of a kindergartener please be visible at the bus stop when your child arrives in the afternoon, the bus drivers must make visual contact with an adult or they will not be able to get off the bus.

    This year I will also be assisting Superintendent, Laurie Gossens and sharing the NES principal responsibilities with Mr. Ben Brownell. Mr. Brownell will also be serving as the Roxbury School Principal; he is a wonderful addition to our team of administrators. Please stop and introduce yourself when you happen to see him walking the halls of NES.

    The staff at NES are invested in your child’s academic and emotional well-being. NES strives to always be a positive and safe environment for your children. That is so your child can focus on learning and playing.  We are partners with you as your child grows up. Many parents and grandparents have commented on the quality of our staff, whether they are in the kitchen, the classroom or out on the soccer field. We value the trust you have placed in us, always feel free to contact us with your concerns.



     Wayne Howe, principal