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  • August 11, 2017

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Friends:

    Can you believe that the school year is only a few weeks away from beginning?  Where does the time go?  I suppose everyone must be having fun, as the adage goes, “time flies when you are having fun”.  Every year we try to improve the educational experience for our students.  Last year we had a very successful Year End Studies, click on the picture of the mural on the website and it will bring you to a page with more information about the different courses that the students experienced.  We worked extensively on developing the scoring/proficiency scales for use with our Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements during the last four days of in-service.  These will be used in many of your student’s classes.  This year we are changing how we do Study Halls and our Teacher Advisory and transforming them into a Flex Period.  You can read more about these farther down in this letter after the first day details.

    School will begin for the students on Tuesday, August 29 (RTCC students begin on the same day).  The school day will begin with all students reporting to the main lobby to receive the most current version of their schedule.  All first period classes begin at 8:10am sharp.  Students riding the buses should be out at their bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.  If students are not there, the bus will continue and will not pick up students on the way back through.  If you have not completed the Transportation Information Request form, please do so to ensure that your student has continued bus transportation.

    The State of Vermont’s recent adoption of the Education Quality Standards call for a student’s education, and graduation, to be based on the demonstration of proficiency at meeting state defined standards; this varies from the earning of credit based on “seat-time”.  The state has identified Graduation Proficiencies, which are the larger concepts of a discipline, and Performance Indicators, which are the skills a student will be able to demonstrate how they have met a Graduation Proficiency.  These Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) are scored using proficiency scales (think of a rubric).  Teachers worked diligently this summer at integrating these PBGR’s into their classes.  That means that some assignments may only have a score of Beginning, Approaching, Proficient or Exemplary.  These terms apply to a student’s ability level at meeting a given Performance Indicator.  Students will still receive a grade on a 100-point scale for the overall class grade.  To be successful in a particular class and receive credit, students must receive a passing grade and score at a Proficient level on the required Performance Indicators for that particular class.  Teachers will be sharing which Performance Indicators will be formally assessed in each particular class and the scoring criteria for each indicator with the students early in the school year.  Students will be able to document and track their own performance on these indicators with the use of their Personal Learning Plan (PLP), creating a digital portfolio.

    This school year we are incorporating a Flex Period into the day.  This period is an evolution of our Teacher Advisory period and an alternative to traditional Study Halls.  Students will still meet with their teacher advisor during this time but it will be for 40 minutes in duration.  High school students will “check-in and connect” with their advisor at the start of each week to plan what teacher they will visit for additional review/enrichment sessions each day of the week.  Middle school students have a rotating set of activities including social-emotional learning and homework/make-up-work assistance.  This period will allow students to select where they need more time, one student may spend more time in mathematics while another may spend that time on English language arts.  Students can also use the time to pursue Honors Designation in the courses where offered.

    Just a few other notes to address at this time.  Lifetouch Picture Day is coming very quick on the first Friday of school on September 1.  Also, please read the enclosed letter from Susette Bollard, the Superintendent Designee for the Central Vermont Unified Union School District (CVUUSD).

    Please feel free to contact us here in the main office with any questions or concerns that you may have, you can also contact me via email at


    Ryan Parkman


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