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    The Mission of Northfield Middle & High School is...

    To provide an academically rigorous, safe, and healthy learning community that fosters the intellectual integrity, strength of character, respect, and accountability required of capable, contributing citizens of a global society.

  • Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends, Students, Faculty and Staff:

    The snow has begun to arrive and it is finally starting to look like the Vermont we all know and love.  I wish it did not have to be so cold.  While it may be winter outside, things are heating up indoors on the athletic scene.  If you get a chance, our boys and girls would love to have folks come out and see their basketball and hockey games.  There also some upcoming events in the Arts scene with the Winter Concert on December 15 and the middle-level play, Bebop with Aesop, on December 19.

    Our Winter Break will run from December 25 through January 2.  Students will be back in classes on Wednesday January 3.  Very soon after that, we will be having mid-year exams during the days of January 10-12.  These exam days last from 8:10-2:50, except that Friday, which is an Early Release day ending at 1:00.  This information will be available on the school calendar as well.  Speaking of the calendar, in the second semester we will be having “Long Block” days once or twice per month.  On these days, classes are twice as long, meeting half of the periods one day and the other half the next.  This is the same amount of class time over two days, just divided differently.  Our Leadership Team developed this plan as a way to create opportunities for more in depth learning and lab type classes to take place.

    On another note, the Nation’s Report Card recently issued statistics from the National Center for Education, which ranks states based on student performance in eighth grade on the NAEP test.  NMHS students participated this past spring on the NAEP for Mathematics and Reading.  Vermont students were 1st in the country in Reading and they were 5th in the country in Mathematics.  I hope that this fact has you asking whether Vermont is getting the results it should be getting in education for the amount invested.  Some people have been clamoring for a reduction in school funding, is this so that Vermont can spend less and perform lower?  When we compare Vermont to the rest of the country, as with the NAEP test, the information is very promising and our students are clearly receiving a quality education!  See the following site for more details:

    Enjoy the upcoming holidays and the time with your families!

    Ryan Parkman & Mary Sue Crowley

    Northfield Middle & High School Administration