WSSU News:

This Summer at WSSU


  • The Washington South Supervisory Union (WSSU) serves both the Roxbury and Northfield School Districts. The Roxbury Village School serves students in grades PreK-6; Roxbury students in grades 7-12 attend surrounding local schools of their choice. The Northfield Elementary School serves students in grades PreK-5 and the Northfield Middle and High School serves students in grades 6-12.


    Our schools share common goals that enhance the academic, character, and citizenship qualities of our students. They strive to provide a positive culture of support and community for all of our students and staff. We are proud of their many accomplishments and are appreciative of the communities’ support of our schools. WSSU is committed to offering 21st century teaching and learning methods focusing on student outcomes. Students will demonstrate those skills necessary to be successful in the global community.

Superintendent's Message

  • Greetings,


    Our schools recognize the individuality of each of their students and are working hard to engage every student by supporting their learning and preparing them for their future. We provide safe, respectful and healthy learning environments while working collaboratively with parents and our community partners. The safety and security of our students and staff is very important to us. We are committed to the academic, character and global citizenship competence of all students in WSSU and strive to do so within the available resources.


    The Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA) together with the Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA)  have a joint Agenda for Vermont's children of a World Class Education System. It includes:

    • Assuring Success for All Students
    • Supporting a New Vision for Teaching and Learning
    • Engaging and Supporting Families and Communities
    • Delivering and Using World-Class Technology
    • Providing Effective Leadership


    This is ambitious agenda and Act 46 challenges us even more to work together with other schools and increase equity and learning opportunities for all of our students.  It will take the determination and collaborative efforts of our community and staff to make a difference in our students lives.

    Our students depend on our efforts and should expect the very best. Everyday is an opportunity to grow and learn, improve and innovate and achieve excellence so we can effectively respond to our student’s needs.


    Please check out each of our school's webpages for more detailed information on programs, initiatives, and events.


    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. We welcome your input. 


    Best regards,


    Laurie Gossens